Dating Tip for Valentine’s Week: Nostrils

What can Nostrils can sniff out about the people we are looking to date, or are relationships with?

Today we are going to Decode: If the person thinks in terms of Abundance or Scarcity?

Watch the Video here:

NOSTRILS are that facial feature that helps us determine how people approach life

  • Smaller Nostrils: People with smaller nostrils can’t take in a lot of air, so they think in terms of scarcity

  • Larger Nostrils: People with larger nostrils can take in plenty of air, so they approach life with an abundance mindset

What does this mean in terms of dating?

  • If you have the same type of nostril(s) then you don’t have to worry about presenting/discussing things differently:

    • If you both have small nostrils then you can focus making sure you have your bases covered.  If you have large nostrils then you both focus on abundance and having more than enough

  • If you have different types of nostril(s) then you should probably think about how you want to present/discuss things:

    • People with smaller nostrils will want to make sure they have everything covered and tend to hold back a little

    • People with larger nostrils think that there’s plenty to go round and tend to keep adding more to their plate

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