Dating Tip for Valentine’s Week: Upper Lips

What Upper Lips can tell us about the people we are looking to date, or are relationships with?

Today we are going to Decode: If the person wants to keep it Strictly Business or Get a Little Personal?

Watch the Video here:

UPPER LIPS are that facial feature that helps us determine how personable people want to get

  • Fuller Upper Lip: People with fuller upper lips enjoy talking both business and pleasure

  • Thinner Upper Lip: People with smaller upper lips prefer to keep it strictly business until they feel comfortable with the person

What does this mean in terms of dating?

  • If you have the same type of upper lip(s) then you keep things strictly business:

    • If you both have fuller upper lips then you can talk about internal and external things.  If you have flatter upper lips then you both tend to stick to external things until you feel comfortable enough to let that person in

  • If you have different types of nostril(s) then you should probably think about how you want to present/discuss things:

    • People with fuller upper lips will want to know about you and want you to ask them questions as well

    • People with thinner upper lips want to keep it surface level until they feel comfortable letting someone in to their personal world

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