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Get Out of Your Head

Being an introverted/extrovert, Brian loved to be around people yet terrified at the same time. He was always overthinking everything! By focusing on people's features and thinking about the meaning he was able to get out of his head and into the present moment.

Make Connections

Taking the time to read someone’s face gives them the time and attention they deserve. This is a skill that's dissipated with the distractions of modern technology. Learning Facial Analysis techniques will help you make better connections.

Brings Compassion

Once we learn to read faces, we learned how to speak other people's language. Taking that extra second to think “How would they best receive this?” makes it about connection, instead of thinking about what you want to say.

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Basic Facial Feature Analysis

Only $29

You provide with pictures, and Brian will analyze their Facial Features. 

We all have features that stand out on our face, what we call 9s or 10s. He will email you what those features reveal in the pictures provided.  

To make this process simple, you can either provide the picture(s) you want us to use or you can simply provide public social media handle(s) and let Brian to find a good picture to use.

15 Minute Call - Full Facial Feature Analysis

Only $97

15 Minute Call – Full Facial Analysis/Reading

You and Brian hop on a 15 minute call to discuss every feature that can be analyzed based on 1-3 pictures provided.

Brian will start with Prominent Features that stand out when looking at the individual’s face. 

Brian will then move to analyzing Specific Facial Features to get a full understanding of their personality.

45 Minute Interactive Virtual Meeting

Only $197

This immersive 45 minute video call will allow Brian to review as many pictures as you want, within the 45 minute time frame.

Most clients start this session by learning about themselves, then ask Brian to cover other people in their life. This can be people that they interact with, friends, family, coworkers, customers, etc.

Keynote Speaking

Want an event people will remember?

Hire Brian to speak at your next event! He can cover a variety of subjects such as Improving Sales, Enhancing Communication (inside the workplace), Effectively Marketing, and Increasing Customer Satisfaction.

I provide training and consulting to helps businesses provide fast, effective skills their staff can implement immediately.

F.A.C.E Reading Basics Online Virtual Training

Only $749

Our NEW Interactive Virtual Training gives you 24/7 access to 12 modules (over 3 hours of content) that will help you master the Basics of F.A.C.E. Reading.

Modules include how to read: eyebrows, eyes, noses, nostrils, cheeks, mouths, chins, jaws, and ears.

Learn what the Subtle Skills F.A.C.E. Reading System can do to help:

  • Build Rapport
  • Enhance Personal & Professional Relationships
  • Improve Customer Services
  • Increase Sales

Brian provides training and consulting that helps businesses provide fast and effective skills that their staff can immediately put to work!

He consults on a variety of subjects such as Improving Sales, Enhancing Communication (inside the workplace), Effective Marketing, and Increasing Customer Satisfaction.

Allow Subtle Skills to take your company and your teams to new levels of awareness and communication, today.

Having a Facial Feature Expert (aka Face Reader) at your events creates a fun, unique experience!

Entertainment Events

Only $250 per hour**

Looking for a way to stand out and create a new experience for your customers, coworkers, friends, or family? 

Wait until you see the excitement on their faces when they hear you’ve brought in someone to show them what their face or body language says about them!

Clients have hired Subtle Skills for Holiday Parties, Client Appreciation Events, and Corporate Retreats.

Brian’s skills creates a fun way to break the ice and see the people in a whole new light

** For events in the Dallas area only** 

**Events outside of Dallas the rate is higher and additional travel costs apply**


Here’s some ways that The Subtle Skills F.A.C.E. Reading System can help: