Dating Tip for Valentine’s Week: Eye Angles

What can EYE ANGLES reveal about the people we are looking to date, or are relationships with?

Today we are going to Decode if the person prefers to hear about the Upside or the Downside of things?

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EYE ANGLES are that facial feature that helps us determine that

  • Upward Angled Eyes: People with fuller upward angled like to hear the Upside of things.  Talk to them about the positives of your day/life first, if you have to deliver bad news start with something positive and work towards the negative

  • Even Angled Eyes: People with even angled eyes are even keel and can easily listen to the pros or the cons

  • Downward Angled Eyes: People with downward angled eyes are worried about the potential downside of things.  They think about what “could” go wrong so that they can prepare for the potential gotchas

What does this mean in terms of dating?

  • If you have the same type of eye angle(s) then you don’t have to worry about presenting/discussing things differently:

    • If you both have upward angled eyes then you can focus on the positives of things.  If you have downward angled eyes then neither of you is seen as a “negative nancy” when preparing for what could go wrong

  • If you have different types of eye angle(s) then you should probably think about how you want to present/discuss things:

    • People with upward angled eyes want to hear the positives first and will shut down if someone is “too negative” in their mind

    • People with downward angled eyes will think you have “rose colored glasses” if you only focus on the positives

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