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“Learning to read faces got me out of the prison of my mind and into the present moment.”

Brian Galke | CEO & Founder

Get Out of Your Head

Being an introverted/extrovert, Brian loved to be around people yet terrified at the same time. He was always overthinking everything! By focusing on features and thinking about the meaning I was able to get out of my head and into the present moment.

Make Connections

Taking the time to read someone’s face gives them the time and attention they deserve. This is a skill that's dissipated with the distractions of modern technology. Learning Facial Analysis techniques will help you make better connections.

Brings Compassion

Once we learn to read faces, we learned how to speak other people's language. Taking that extra second to think “How would they best receive this?” makes it about connection, instead of thinking about what you want to say.

More About Brian Galke

As an Introverted/Extrovert, Brian purposely chose professions where people came to him for help (Retail, Hospitality, & Help Desk) to help ease his social anxiety.  

Over the course of his career he realized he loved to learn new tips and trick to better interact with people, and he always sought out the knowledge. With every new social skill, another promotion soon followed. He was onto something…maybe success starts with good communication skills.

The #1 skill that changed his Personal & Professional life forever, was learning Facial Feature Analysis. That skill alone lead to Brian’s going from working the Help Desk to Regional Vice President of Sales, not too bad for someone who still considers himself to be a bit of an Introvert. 

Why Do I Need Subtle Skills?

The skills Brian teaches will help increase your salesbring your teams closer, and raise your customer satisfaction. These Subtle Skills will help you do all of that, and so much more.

This proven training can help you understand your clients, coworkers, and the people in your life in a new way. Use Subtle Skills to help enhance your quality of communication and get a head start on success. 

Since these Virtual/Onsite Training classes can be customized to fit you and your industry’s needs, Subtle Skills Training is an investment that your company needs. If you didn’t already know, Facial Feature Analysis can be applied to Sales, Networking, Team Building, Customer Service, Dating, & Everyday Communications. Having the knowledge of Subtle Skills is a  valuable tool for business and life.

The Subtle Approach

Brian teaches you a variety of Subtle Skills that will change your life. His ability to instantly connect with & understand people from all over the world is proof of the effectiveness of the Facial Feature Analysis.

His innovative training techniques help build instant rapport that leads to long-term relationships and success.

His main coaching style breaks down concepts to easily teach people how to immediately put these effective techniques into practice

Brian is known for his practical, street-savvy style. His fusion of real-life stories & conversational techniques will help you to connect with audiences at an intimate, intense & individual level.

Clever & Indirect Skills to Achieve Success


Here’s some ways that The Subtle Skills F.A.C.E. Reading System can help: