Dating Tip for Valentine’s Week: Upper Eyelids

What can UPPER EYELIDS tell us about the people we are looking to date, or are relationships with?

Today we are trying to Decode if the person is a “WE” or a “ME” type of person?

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UPPER EYELIDS are that facial feature

Fuller Upper Eyelids: People with fuller upper eyelids are “We” type people.  They love to do things with others and typically use inclusive language

An easy way to remember this is: The More Lid You See the More they think in terms of “WE”

  • Where are we going?

  • Whats our plan?

Little to No Upper Eyelids: People with thinner upper eyelids are people who think it terms of “I”

An easy way to remember this is: The more eye you can see the more they think in terms of “I”

  • I’m going to go _____

  • I’m thinking of _____

What does this mean in terms of dating?

  • If you have the same type of eyelids then things seem to be easier:

    • Fuller lidded people prefer to do things together and Thinner lidded people like to do things alone yet still enjoy doing

  • If you have different types of eyelids then you can conversations early on to address the differences:

    • I was in a relationship with someone who had very fuller upper eyelids and they wanted to do everything together.

    • I, on the other hand have very little eyelid so I was find doing things alone.  We had to learn to give me some time to do things alone and then we agreed to also do things together to make it work

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