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NEW Interactive Virtual Training

Our NEW Interactive Virtual Training. gives you 24/7 access to 12 modules (over 3 hours of content) that will help you master the Basics of F.A.C.E. Reading.

Modules include how to read: eyebrows, eyes, noses, nostrils, cheeks, mouths, chins, jaws, and ears.

Learn what the Subtle Skills F.A.C.E. Reading System can do to help:


Build Rapport


Enhance Personal & Professional Relationships


Improve Customer Services


Increase Sales

Get Out of Your Head

Being an introverted/extrovert, Brian loved to be around people yet terrified at the same time. He was always overthinking everything! By focusing on people’s features and thinking about the meaning he was able to get out of his head and into the present moment.


Make Connections

Taking the time to read someone’s face gives them the time and attention they deserve. This is a skill that’s dissipated with the distractions of modern technology. Learning Facial Analysis techniques will help you make better connections.


Brings Compassion

Once we learn to read faces, we learned how to speak other people’s language. Taking that extra second to think “How would they best receive this?” makes it about connection, instead of thinking about what you want to say.

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